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Welcome to nourishednation I am a mom and a registered dietitian with a passion for food and nutrition.  I believe food is important for health, but it also has to taste good and be easy to prepare.  Hey, we are all busy!  My goal is to help readers with information, advice and recipes (of course).  I completed my undergraduate degree in Dietetics at the University of Vermont and my Master of Science in Nutrition and Mass Communications at Boston University.  I also earned my Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management from the Commission on Dietetic Registration.  So, I know a thing or two about food and health, but so do all of us!  We all eat and we all have a lot to learn from each other.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog and sharing your insights as well.  Follow me on Twitter:  www.twitter.com/nourishednation

*Note: the information contained in this blog is general nutrition information and is not intended to be medical advice.

3 Comments on “About”

  1. Hello. I have been part of the blog course with Dan Blank, but I haven’t commented online. I saw your message listing your site and wanted to check it out.
    Sounds great! Hope to read more in the future.
    Martha Bullock

    • Rita Adams says:

      Hi: I did not know about the lettuce container for $12by Rubbermaid. I did not know of vents to prevent moisture buildup. I do see moisture on the lid of my tupperware container, but everytime I open the lid, I dry it off with a paper towel and when I close the lid, I burp it and let the air out. I’m setting a realistic goal and making a change. That’s two goals this week. One to shoot for 20lbs off at the rate of 1 to 2 lbs a week. 2nd is to have cut up vegetables and fruits with a yogurt dip when we play card on Sat. nites. I know Marie and Steve will be happy to participate as they want to lose some weight. I gave Marie your web/blog site and told her to pass it along to anyone interested. We showed it to her tonight. I too will pass it along to my Mahjongg friends, some who are diabetic and have a hard time when going out to dinner. I also notice they are not eating properly, as three of them are widowed. Hard to cook for one. I always tell them cooking for two is a little easier, but could always freeze one portion for a later date. Oh, listen to me giving advise. Love you, Mom

  2. Janel says:

    Hello! I am a fellow blogger/RD and work with Attune Foods. I’d love to send you some samples of our cereal (Uncle Sam and Erewhon) but I wasn’t able to find your email address on here. If you’re interested, please contact me at janel at attunefoods dot com. Thanks!

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