Guest Blogger Mike Manning on Exercise and Travel

We are fortunate to have Mike Manning of “Manning’s Musings” blog, to provide his insight on the importance of exercise and travel. This is certainly a topic I can relate to as I used to travel three weeks out of every month when I worked in pharmaceutical research. Far from glamorous, business travel is exhausting and stressful, which makes exercise an important part of maintaining your health when you are away from home. As Mike points out in his article below, you may not have time to fit in a long workout on the road, but even short bouts of exercise and stretching will prove beneficial.

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How to Exercise While Traveling

Many aspects of travel can have a detrimental effect on your health. In fact, individuals who travel more than 20 days a month experience significantly greater health problems than those who stay away from home less than one week a month. Although travel schedules, irregular mealtimes, unfamiliar sleeping arrangements and other stressors can take their toll on travelers, you can do a number of things to make travel less draining. Start by focusing on ways to get healthy exercise on any trip you take.

A great journey begins before you leave home. Plan for success by researching your destination. Learn about the area as well as your intended accommodations. Find out if there are local running trails or a gym you can use during your stay. Learn about the fitness amenities at your hotel, and if possible, book one that offers a well-equipped gym, in-room yoga or fitness video and fitness sessions for guests. On a recent trip to San Francisco I was able to book a great hotel with the right amenities by searching through a travel reviews site. This site gave me the capability to scroll through all of the San Francisco hotels and I could see which ones offered the right things at the right price.

When packing, include fitness essentials such as workout clothes and good athletic shoes. Also, bring along portable workout equipment such as an exercise band, and never leave home without a refillable water bottle to help you remain hydrated.

If you fly, pay attention to exercise opportunities that arise. You can walk and stretch at any airport, and some airports offer walking tracks or Zen rooms for travelers. On your flight, be sure to do some stretches and in-flight exercise. This will help you avoid cramping, stiffness and other discomforts frequently associated with travel.
At your destination, take time to orient yourself to your surroundings before dashing off to meetings or other activities. Locate the amenities at your hotel, including the fitness center. In your room, familiarize yourself with the space and do a few yoga poses to center yourself.

Throughout your stay, be sure to keep your expectations realistic. Few trips will accommodate your regular exercise routine that you enjoy at home, and chances are that you won’t have time to work out for an hour or so each day. You will, however, have several opportunities to get some exercise. Take the stairs instead of an elevator whenever possible. Get a little exercise by walking to meetings or meals instead of riding or driving.

Never minimize any exercise opportunities you get while traveling. Small windows of time can turn into powerful opportunities for health and fitness. When you take advantage of them, your travel will be considerably less stressful. You’ll return home feeling more energized and also find it easier to return to your usual routine after the trip.

Thanks Mike!


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