Dinner 911: Italian Style Baked Cod

Fish can be a fast and easy dinner, but so many of us do not cook it at home for various reasons.  I stayed away from it for years because I did not want my house to smell “fishy”.  Also, knowing what I do about food safety, it can be tricky to cook the fish on the day it is purchased, which is advised.  However, if you purchase fresh fish, especially mild white fish like cod, your house will not smell like the sea – not even the bay.  As far as cooking fish the day you purchase it, there is no way around this one, just some advance planning is needed.  When you get the fish home, store it in the back, which is the coldest part of your refrigerator.  Place the fish package on top of a shallow pan with ice, if possible.

This recipe makes a low-fat and nutrient-rich lunch or dinner, packed with protein.  The leftovers reheat well in the microwave, just be sure to use them within 2 days.

Click on the Dinner 911 page to enjoy this easy recipe for Italian Style Baked Cod.  **Note: This recipe has been removed to make room for another Dinner 911 recipe, but will be re-posted at another time.**


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