Prince Quick Cook Pasta

It Really Does Cook in 3 Minutes
When I first passed by the Prince Quick Cook pasta in the grocery store I thought, “that can’t be any good.”  I must admit it was the Italian in me being a bit of a pasta snob, thinking it must not be “real pasta”.  Then, the nutritionist in me was reminded that quick cook oatmeal is still “real” oatmeal, it’s just cut into smaller pieces so that it cooks quicker.  The food blogger in me was also reminded that this could make a good post for my blog, so why not give it a try?  All of these voices in my head make me very distracted in the supermarket, so hang on to your cart if you see me coming as I’ve been known to take other people’s carts while shopping.
Well, I did try both the elbow and the rotini pastas pictured above in my somewhat blurry picture.  I made the elbows for homemade macaroni and cheese, a recipe I am working on perfecting a bit more and will eventually share on the Dinner 911 page.  Once the timer went off after 3 minutes, I did not get to it right away and was about 3o seconds delayed in draining it.  I then let it sit in the colander while I finished my white sauce.  This caused the pasta to be a little overcooked.  The second time was a charm with the rotini.  I cooked it exactly 3 minutes and rinsed the pasta a little with cool water after draining it to stop the cooking process.  This did cool the pasta a bit, which I usually do not do unless I’m making a cold pasta salad, but I wanted to make sure I did not overcook it.  It came out perfectly and was very good overall.
This quick cook pasta does seem to be a little smaller, or more slender, than regular pasta.  I can see it being especially useful when making pasta salad, because of its daintier size, as well as speeding up the step of pasta production.  For the same reasons, it can be great in any recipe requiring cooked pasta, just be sure to set the timer and stay close to the stove top – 3 minutes is 3 minutes!
For more information on Prince Quick Cook Pasta, click on this link:

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