Healthier Apple Crisp

Still Dessert - Just Healthier!

Apple crisp is such a great fall dessert, it’s easy to make and the whole house fills with the dreamy smells of cinnamon and nutmeg.  I make it several times during the season and, because I’m the main person in my house who eats it, I try to make each version a little healthier than the last.  This version is still a dessert, no doubt about that, but I have managed to reduce the amount of butter and sugar.  I use dark brown sugar, as it brings a more intense flavor to the dish.  I have also switched the white flour to King Arthur’s white whole wheat flour.  The result is just as delicious as the original.  Some other options are to replace half the sugar with brown sugar substitute.  Also, leaving the peel on the apples will add nutrients and fiber to your crisp.

Click on the Recipe Rescue page to view/print this recipe – enjoy!

*Note:  This “double-the-crisp” recipe has been removed to make room for an even healthier apple crisp – give it a try!**

Loaded with Crispy Crumbs - Yum Yum!


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