Museum of Science, Boston Exhibit: What I Eat – Around the World in 25 Diets

I recently visited the Museum of Science in Boston to see the “What I Eat” exhibit.  This exhibit is based on a book by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio.  These authors have travelled the world to give us a look at the typical day of people and what they eat during the course of a day.  Each picture shows the individual with plates of the food, snacks, beverages and cigarettes (if applicable) that they consume over the course of a day.  Also listed is a detailed explanation of the foods pictured and the total caloric intake. 

It is fascinating to peek into the lives of others and learn about their culture through the foods they consume.  My family was very patient with me as I read about each person and matched the foods listed to the pictures (some foods I had never heard of).  I was particularly interested in the young  man who worked at an internet cafe playing video games and ate and slept in his chair for 6 months.  Is this going to be my son in 15 years?  As a tea drinker, I wondered what the salty, butter tea tasted like that another couple consumed.  Then there was the compelling story of the binge eater who was going through a rough patch in her life with drugs and was able to consume thousands of calories in a day.  There is also an interactive component that allows you to guess which plates of food have the most calories. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibit and my family did as well.  It evoked questions from them as to how many calories is right for them.  This is dependent on many factors, such as stage of life (whether you are growing or not), activity level, desire for weight loss or weight maintenance, height, weight, etc.  If you really want to know, a dietitian can sort it all out for you.  My family has not asked since, so I’m off the hook for now!

To find out more, click on this link: as well as


3 Comments on “Museum of Science, Boston Exhibit: What I Eat – Around the World in 25 Diets”

  1. C says:

    Very interesting, maybe it will come to PA. I’d love to see it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beth M says:

    Just saw this exhibit today, and made a blog post review about it too. I also loved the exhibit.

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