Banana Bran Muffins Have Fiber for Good Health

If your house is like mine, there are always over-ripe bananas hanging around.  The bananas are brown and mushy and they loiter in your fruit bowl, but the window of banana-eating opportunity has passed them by.  Luckily, despite their unappetizing looks, they are sweeter and super-saturated in banana flavor, making them perfect for use in baked goods.   The addition of banana to bran muffins makes them moist and tender, two words you do not usually use to describe anything baked with bran.

The health benefits of insoluble fiber, like the kind found in bran, are that it softens and adds bulk to your stools, helping to prevent constipation and painful hemorrhoids.  Evidence is also strong showing that, over time, consuming a fiber-rich diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains may prevent certain cancers, including colon cancer.  An added benefit as well is that these bulky, fiber-rich foods may fill you up for a longer period of time, assisting in weight-loss efforts.

So, you have nothing to lose: you will use-up your brown bananas, enjoy the health benefits of fiber, and have plenty of delicious muffins for breakfast or a quick snack.

Note: This recipe has been removed at this time from the “Recipe Rescue” page to make room for a new recipe.


Full of fiber and they freeze well too!


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