Bottomless Fries at Red Robin

Last weekend my husband, the kids, and I stopped for lunch at Red Robin.  In full disclosure, since I’m told people are actually interested in what dietitian’s eat, I ordered the fish sandwich and a side of fries.  Definitely a treat and I savored every deep-fried bite!

At one point during the meal, the waitress came over to ask if we wanted more to drink or more fries.  As usual during these moments, my mouth was full, but I managed a muffled “excuse me?”.  She could tell we were confused and explained that both our drinks and fries were “bottomless”, meaning we could have unlimited refills.

Before the waitress stopped by, I was pleased to notice that I had a reasonable portion of fries on my plate.  So often, restaurants serve such a large portion that the fries take up most of the plate and spill over the edges.  Even still, according to the Red Robin website, my tidy portion of fries was 434 calories and 18 grams of fat.  And my fish sandwich, well, let’s not go there.  It was a treat OK?

Although there are many factors causing the obesity problem in our country, I believe restaurants like Red Robin have an obligation to their customers to be part of the solution, or, at least head in the right direction.  They can do this and still offer their customers what they want: quality and value.  Keeping portions of less healthy items within reason and not offering tempting “free refills” is a good start.  Until then, as customers we can politely decline additional fries and beverages – and that’s what we did.

***What do you think about the “bottomless fries” at Red Robin?  Click on the title of this post and scroll down to leave a comment.***


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