What’s in Your Salad?

I recently attended a panel discussion on social media and blogging at the Massachusetts Dietetic Association’s annual convention.  One of the speaker’s pointed-out that people really do want to know what dietitian’s eat.  So, strange as it sounds, I took a picture of my lunch the other day to share with all of you.  When I have the time, I love to have a big salad for lunch.  It’s actually very quick to put together if you have all of the ingredients prepared and ready to go.  What takes time is eating it.  It requires a lot of chewing – you cannot really “wolf down” a salad.  All of the flavor combinations, fiber, protein (and chewing), make for a very satisfying lunch.  Here’s what’s in my salad – please share what’s in yours:

Romaine lettuce – carrots – celery – tomatoes – leftover baked chicken – croutons – craisins


Yummy Lunchtime Salad


2 Comments on “What’s in Your Salad?”

  1. Christine Smith says:

    As you know, I love salad. I especially love a BIG salad. Every day; often twice/day. The combinations are endless.Today – lettuce, tom, carrots, red onion, olives, artichoke hearts and grilled salmon. Yummy!

    • Thanks for the response! How do you grill the salmon in the winter months? Also, has anyone tried the pouches of salmon or canned salmon? I always look at it when I’m grocery shopping, but never buy it.

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