Kids and Healthy Eating Quiz

Directions: Take this quiz to gauge how well your child is eating.  If you’re wondering, my kids don’t score perfectly (we love to put butter on everything in our house), but it’s something to shoot for.  Answer each question with a yes or no.  For each question you answer yes, give yourself 1 point.  Tally your total points and read below for the results.  My child….

Consumes at least 2 servings of vegetables each day:________

Consumes at least 2 fruits each day:________

Drinks no more than 8 – 12 oz. of 100% juice each day

and avoids sugary beverages on most days:_______

Is active for at least 30 minutes each day:________

Consumes no more than 2 servings of fried foods per week:________

Consumes whole grain breads and cereals and avoids

refined grains and sugary cereals on most days:_______

Rarely adds fats onto foods, such as butter and cream cheese:________

Eats when they are hungry and stops when full:________

Drinks plenty of water, at least 1 cup each day:________

Is willing to try new foods on a regular basis:________

Consumes 3 servings of low-fat dairy products each day:________

Eats breakfast on most days of the week:________


9-12 points:  Your child is eating a well balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals and fiber to help them grow-up healthy and strong.  Good work!

5-8 points:  Your child is on the right track.  Continue to encourage more fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain breads, cereals and low-fat dairy products.

0-4 points:  Your child’s diet may be lacking variety.  Picky eaters can be hard to persuade to try new foods, but keep trying.  Children need to be offered a new food at least 8-10 times before they will accept it.  Try to set small goals with your child each week, such as trying a new food or activity.  Make healthy living a fun activity the whole family can participate in.

 How did your kids score?  What are areas that need work?  Let me know if you have any blog post ideas for me based on your results.

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For more information on healthy eating, check out  There are tips for families and worksheets to help your child set food and activity goals.


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