Homemade Pizza

Have you ever used Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix to make pizza?  It works great and it’s so easy, you’ll forget the number of your favorite pizza place!  Well, maybe you’ll just call it a little less often (I still remember the phone # of the pizza place we called when I was a teenager!).  You can find the mix in the bakery section of your supermarket – near the flour.  Here’s some pictures to get you started, then click on the Dinner 911 page for the recipe.  Post a comment if you try it – Enjoy!  *Note: The Dinner 911 page has been updated with a new recipe at this time.

Not Just for Hot Rolls!

Delicious Homemade Pizza


3 Comments on “Homemade Pizza”

  1. Lisaa says:

    wow-that pizza looks delicious. I can’t wait to try it!! I am always looking for quick ways to make pizza and I thinki it will be a big hit with the kids-thanks…….

  2. Christine Smith says:

    Does your mother know you offered jarred pizza sauce an option?! 🙂 Looks yummy, thanks for the idea!

    • Well, I guess Mom knows now since she’s my biggest fan. I find that my homemade sauce (based on Mom’s recipe) is actually too rich for this pizza because it is cooked-down with meatballs.

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