Healing for Dry, Cracked Hands

This time of year my hands are like sandpaper.  The dryer sheet sticks to them when I take the laundry out of the dryer.  Sounds bad, but they used to be worse.  They used to crack and bleed, which is painful and those cracks take a long time to heal!  Things are much better this year thanks to the following (but please share any tips you have too):

1.  I try to use gloves whenever possible.  I’ve discovered CleanCuisine kitchen gloves from Playtex that work great.  I use them whenever I’m handling raw meat or fish.

A great fit for kitchen work!

2.  Healing Earth Healing Salve works great and smells great too.  Just work it into your hands and give it about 2 minutes to absorb – it really works if you use it often.  They have great lip balms too.  Check out:  www.HealingEarthVT.com  The picture of this great product, below, is from the website:

For happy hands!


One Comment on “Healing for Dry, Cracked Hands”

  1. Christine Smith says:

    Looking forward to reading more! Looks great, Charlene!

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